About the NDSR Program


The mission of the National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR), an IMLS grant-funded program, is to build a dedicated community of professionals who will advance our nation’s capabilities in managing, preserving, and making accessible the digital record of human achievement. This will enable current and future generations to fully realize the potential of digital resources now and for years to come.

This year’s residents, institutions, and projects include the following:

Meredith Broadway, World Bank Group, “Data Stewardship and Preservation Program”  
Connect with Meredith: @broadwym

Joe Carrano, Georgetown University Library, “Bringing It All Home: Building Digital Preservation Processes for Digital Preservation Platforms”
Connect with Joe: @joecar25

Elizabeth England, University Archives at the Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, “Large-Scale Digital Stewardship: Preserving Johns Hopkins University’s Born-Digital Visual History”
Connect with Elizabeth: @elizabeengland

Amy Gay, U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Office of Science & Engineering Laboratories (OSEL), Center for Devices & Radiological Health (CDRH),  Enabling Open Science through the Center for Devices & Radiological Health (CDRH) Science Data Catalog
Connect with Amy: @iamabooknerd

Charlotte Kostelic, The Library of Congress (LOC), the Royal Collection Trust, & King’s College London, Connecting 18th-Century Data for the 21st-Century: George III and George Washington in the Digital Age
Connect with Charlotte: @chuckkostelic

Megan Potterbusch, Association of Research Libraries, George Washington University Libraries, & Center for Open Science, Bringing Life to Research Objects: Managing the Digital Lifecycle of Research from Creation to Stewardship through the Open Science Framwork (OSF) and SHARE 
Connect with Megan: @LibrarPotter

To find out more about this year’s current residents and their projects, go here.